Frontend teams

Automate visual QA to ship bulletproof UIs fast.

Productive teams visual regression test components to improve UI durability, lighten the QA burden, and prevent timesucking bugs.

Ship bug-free UIs with less work
Chromatic saves you work by detecting UI bugs in every component automatically.
Test every UI component
Monitor and test each UI component to make sure it looks exactly as expected.
Automatic testing in the cloud
Each time you push code, Chromatic scans your UI components for bugs. Say bye to tedious manual QA.
Real rendered UI
Chromatic takes pixel-perfect snapshots of real rendered code, styling, and assets.
No waiting, no queues
Get as many concurrent workers as you need to deliver the fastest results (at no extra charge).

”Chromatic has supercharged our PR reviews, making it easy to see visual changes at a glance. We have also come to rely on it to catch unintended style changes and regression bugs in our components.”
Tim Hingston
Tim Hingston
Frontend lead
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Timesaving workflows help you do more
With our intuitive workflows you get to focus on creating delightful products while also expanding test coverage. Truly, a win-win.
Streamline visual review
Review changes to UI components 1-by-1. Carry over accepted changes. Approve in batches. And more features to make your workflow smoother.
Use with your favorite tools
Add Chromatic to any project with our seamless integrations. Use GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and many more.
Painless debugging
Debugging is quick and easy with one-click access to fully inspectable components and past component versions.
Review alongside your team
Invite fellow developers, designers, and product managers to visual review. No need to check out code or set up a dev environment.

“I really believe Chromatic was the last missing block to really perform visual regression testing. In an era where front-end development tools got more and more visual, testing interfaces had to inherently become visual: this is Chromatic.”
Loic Chollier
Loic Chollier
Director of Engineering
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Build faster with reusable components
Chromatic helps you you discover and reuse components. Browse the appearance, location, and usage of every component.
Document and share components
Components are catalogued online to make browsing and sharing simple. No checking out code or trawling file systems.
Test multiple component libraries
Orchestrate visual testing across multiple accounts and projects with Chromatic's robust account management.
Branch & merge just like Git
Zero configuration branch and merge support ensures conflict-free merges. Chromatic adapts to your existing Git workflow.
Complete component history
Go back in time to compare the look and feel of components for any commit and across branches.

Expand UI test coverage without slowing down