Design systems

Give users a consistent look & feel at every touchpoint.

Leading design system teams automate visual review to improve UI quality and consistency while also saving time.

Get design consistency automatically
Chromatic improves UI quality and consistency by pinpointing and preventing bugs in UI components automatically.
Test each UI component
Monitor and test each UI component to make sure it looks exactly as expected.
Detect changes to the pixel
Even tiny tweaks can trigger major bugs. Our eagle-eyed algorithm catches the most nuanced UI changes.
Automatic testing
Each time you push code, Chromatic scans your design system for bugs. Say bye to tedious manual QA.

“Chromatic is a valuable addition to our testing toolset. It helps us catch UI bugs a lot quicker and easier!”
Malek Hakim
Malek Hakim
Software engineer
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Workflows designed for systems
Intuitive review workflows help you track every visual change and incrementally evolve your design language.
Workflows made for systems
Review changes to design systems 1-by-1, accepted changes carry over, approve in batches, and more.
Collaborate with your team
Invite teammates to review changes and seamlessly sync access with tools you already use like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and more.
Smart branching and merging
Keep track of component variations across branches to get conflict-free merges. This makes it easy for teams to work in parallel.

“Chromatic has been indispensable since the day we added it. It has really increased the confidence and speed with which we merge changes 💯”
Siddharth Kshetrapal
Siddharth Kshetrapal
Design systems engineer
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A single source of truth
Manage design system consistency by seeing how and where each component is used.
Browse your library online
Components are securely indexed online to make browsing and sharing simple. No checking out code or trawling file systems.
Component history
Go back in time to compare how a UI component looks at any point in time in any branch or commit.
Fully inspectable UI
Chromatic doesn’t just capture an image, it’s a living re-creation of the DOM, styling, and assets. Get the same UI code as your users.

Finally, UI testing built for design systems.