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Deliver UI projects with higher margins and fewer bugs

Efficient teams automate visual QA to dodge expensive bugs. It’s something both you and your clients will love.

Find bugs early to boost margins
Chromatic detects UI bugs early in development. No more budget-eating manual QA or costly rework.
Scale visual QA
Each UI component is monitored and tested so you can pinpoint bugs long before they ship to users. Supercharge your developers and QA team.
Automatic testing in the cloud
Each time you push code, Chromatic scans your UI components for bugs. Say bye to costly manual visual QA.
Render and test real UI
Chromatic renders the same code, styling, and assets that's shipped to users.
Instant test results
Get test results in seconds. No more waiting for manual QA or getting stuck in the CI queue.

“Visual diffs make changes apparent and unmistakable... Screenshot testing with Chromatic has been an extremely useful and confidence-inspiring.”
Lauren Eastridge
Lauren Eastridge
JavaScript Engineer
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Timesaving workflows speed up your team
With Chromatic’s intuitive QA flows and seamless integrations you can finally focus on creating client-winning projects instead of fighting bugs.
Streamline visual QA
Review changes to UI components 1-by-1. Carry over accepted changes. Approve in batches. And more features to make your workflow faster.
No hassle integrations
Add Chromatic to any project with our seamless integrations. Use GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and many more.
Quick and easy reproductions
Debugging is quick with fully inspectable components and access to past component versions.
Made for your entire team
Invite designers, strategists, and technologists to help with visual review. No extra tools necessary, just share a link.

“Chromatic very quickly becomes a natural and invaluable part of your development process. You no longer have to be fearful of accidentally breaking your UI.”
David Burles
David Burles
Development lead
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Deliver exceptional UIs at lower cost
Discover and reuse existing components in your component library. Chromatic helps you stop reinventing the wheel.
Document and share components
Discover and reuse existing components instead of building the same components over and over.
Test every project
Orchestrate visual testing across multiple clients and projects with Chromatic's robust account management.
Work on projects in parallel
Hassle-free branch and merge support means your team can work on projects at the same time. Chromatic complements your Git workflow.

Focus on building award-winning UIs not fighting bugs.