About us

Chromatic enables teams to deliver consistent and bug-free UIs at the speed of development

Testing user interfaces has always been tricky. The details of UI design are subjective and nuanced. Like you, we’ve spent countless hours hunting UI regressions. With apps moving toward CI and “heavier” componentized frontends, pinpointing regressions is harder than ever.

Chromatic makes it dead simple to ship bulletproof UIs by automatically detecting UI bugs as soon as they occur. It tracks your UI components from commit-to-commit to surface regressions instantly. You build UI components and we’ll take care of the rest. This means teams can focus on shipping products instead of fixing mistakes.

Tom Coleman
Dominic Nguyen
Zoltan Olah

Tom Coleman, Dominic Nguyen, and Zoltan Olah are frontend architects and UI engineers based in San Francisco. We build Chromatic and help maintain Storybook, an open source component explorer, used by Airbnb, IBM, Segment, and more.

Previously, we helped tens of thousands of people architect their apps as core engineers of widely-loved GraphQL project Apollo and popular JavaScript framework Meteor. Companies like Apple, Havas, and Credo have trusted us to solve their frontend challenges.


Ship UIs faster with confidence.